About us – A Limo Malmö AB

A unique company with unique customers!

Our passion is to offer our clients the most professional service. Our ambition is
to surpass our clients’ expectations. To us, personal transport means much more
than a trip from A to B. It goes without saying that you should be able to expect
us to be at the right address at the right time with cars that are clean outside and
in. This is something we consider to be second nature, as well as being driven
and serviced by well dressed and service minded chauffeurs. Naturally.
We see a need for a transport service that wants to be there for the client rather
than the other way around.

Pelle Nilsson and Sven-Arne Johansson have a combined experience of over 50
years in personal transport.

In 2016 we started A Limo with a single goal i mind: To be the best! Not the
biggest, not the cheapest, but the best.
We think our clients prefer good service, comfortable cars and professional
chauffeurs. We want to position A Limo as a taxi and limousine company, a
two-legged hybrid: Taxi with a Limousine standard, as well as a classic
Limousine service.

A unique company with a unique concept and unique clients!
Try us out and form your own impression.